• Building A Professional Service Firm

    By: Dan Coughlin

    In January of 1998 I left my position as a high school math teacher for Fenton University High School and set out on my own to form a consulting firm, The Coughlin Company, Inc., that would specialize in ...

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  • Marketing Yourself

    By: C.J. Hayden

    Call us today and change your life," proclaimed the hot pink flyer on the bulletin board. It was signed "Sunrise Hypnotherapy" with a phone number and a blind email address. No practitioner's name appeared anywhere on the flyer.


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  • So you are called a Consultant?

    Becoming a consultant is a great way to put your business experience and skills to use helping others improve their businesses. There are many types of consultants, from management consultants who help executives make their organizations more efficient, to...

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  • Why Join Us?

    Become accredited with a globally recognised consultancy licence for quality. You will learn how to deliver your consultancy services effectively and efficiently with an up-to-date knowledge of the expected.

    Help your clients to increased profitability. A win-win for both!

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