Why Join Us?

Become accredited with a globally recognised consultancy licence for quality. You will learn how to deliver your consultancy services effectively and efficiently with an up-to-date knowledge of the expected.

Help your clients to increased profitability.

A win-win for both!

Every subscriber to our professional certification course will have one free continuous development training essential for the renewal of your licence every two years.

Consultants Academy International will share training and consulting opportunities among members as we constantly receive request to offer consulting and training services to corporate organisations.

Our courses help you learn how to become proficient in your consulting practice…and become a accredited consultant!

Add additional revenue streams to your new or already existing business as opportunities open for you as an Accredited Consultant.

Our certification also qualifies you for an Accredited MBA (level 7 PGD) leading to the award of full MBA program from MSBM/ATHE PARTNER universities such as University of Northampton UK (even without prior university undergraduate degree we can recommend you based on years of professional experience).

Leading a consulting firm can be challenging in our present day, where information doubles every few months, our continuous professional development program available to subscribers is structured to equip consultants with on-going industry information to stay on top of their business.

Many clients just want to be sure you can deliver on promise as they trust their organisation or ideas in your hands as a consultant, getting accredited as a management consultant is a perfect pathway to providing the assurance.

The corporate world still believes in certification!


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