Management Consulting

Accredited Consultant in Management (ACM) Licenced® designation is a professional certification for consultants with special focus on Management, who want to be recognized for their expertise and skills by earning formal recognition. The course work is a 90 hours dedicated practical step by step diagnosis in focus of the subject area.

ACM Licenced® recipients are recognized for the investment they have already made in their businesses, and include professionals working as a consultant.

To apply for the Accredited Consultant in Management Consulting ACM Licenced® exam and earn the ACM Licenced® designation, a consultant will need to be knowledgeable in all knowledge areas required by the course content guideline with proficiency in all. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete 90 hours lecture series at the CAI-Consultants Boot Camp or Online tutorial
  • A minimum requirement is a first degree
  • Three years’ experience in management role, business or consulting
  • Successful outcome from the case study assessment and qualifying examination
  • Two references or endorsements from a career manager, client or Accredited Consultant recipient
  • Signed Code of Conduct

ACM Licenced® applicants are expected to review the ACM Licenced® Handbook for complete information on application criteria, application and exam fees and details on how to apply.

Recipients of this designation also receive a certification from the Association of Accredited Management Consultants Board (AAMCB) and International Management Consultants Board (IMCB) as Accredited Management Consultant ® AMC.

AMC recipients can also take their learning further by earning MMC Master Management Consultant® by fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Hold the Accredited Consultant (basic) designation
  • Have completed at least four approved consulting engagements
  • Completed the MMC course content and passed the MMC level exam, which is a higher-level exam and more detailed than the basic accreditation exam.

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