The process to become a Licenced Management Consultants in the various field of engagement through our global accreditation process involves three steps:

  1. Register for a boot camp session or online tutorial
  2. Prepare for the exam, and
  3. Pass the exam.

It’s easy to sign up- kindly complete the short, online application and pay with a credit or debit card through our secure system.

We refer to our certification as consultancy licence of quality assurance and professionalism with the registered mark. The trainings are structured to complement your business or management knowledge and experience, also to enable you assume a new field in consulting.

We offer three licence hierarchies:

  1. Accredited Consultant (Basic),
  2. Accredited Consultant (Master),
  3. Accredited Consultant (Fellow).

Each licence hierarchy has different examination, professional continuous development and years of experience requirements. High standard is maintained through the quality of course content, up-to-date industry evaluation of members and continuous development planning.

Membership licence shows a demonstration of expertise in the available consulting areas of your interest, to assist clients achieve a pre-determine goals and corporate objectives.


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